Suppose I’m unsure about what fabric(s) to pick, how can I get a sample of your swatch book(s) to decide before making a purchase?

You can get a sample of our swatch book by placing an order and selecting which sample(s) of the fabrics you want from our online catalog. Each fabric varies with different textures and compositions. However, you can reach us via our customer service ( for more enquires on how many samples you need or what precise fabrics you’re in need of. Once you have placed your order, you will receive confirmation including the order number and shipping details. The shipping of swatch book(s) is FREE!

What is a swatch book?

A swatch book is a collection of fabrics made of singular textures or a different mix of textures. It’s a sample kit that provides a feel of what to expect when the full garment is made. This applies to customized products alone. Swatch books are not provided for ready-made products.

Why does the cost of certain fabrics cost more than others?

Each fabric is unique and peculiar. Having said that, certain fabrics are woven from the finest selected worsted wool around the world. They are selected from raw materials with the highest quality of yarn they are composed of, hence the difference in prices.

What fabrics do you use?

We use the best quality of fabrics out there in the field, ranging from super 110’s to super 200’s. We use premium fabrics from Italy, the United Kingdom, and our In-house made fabrics. Some of our fabrics include Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana, Marzoni, Cerruti81, Tessituramonti, Holland Sherry just to mention a few.


Can I suggest a style(s) to my order provided the option available is limited?

Unfortunately, No. GIVMANN is a fashion brand that has its own GIVMANN special collection.

Can I place a special order?

Unfortunately, No. GIVMANN is a fashion brand that has its own GIVMANN special collection.

Can I place a request for a name to be embroidered?

Yes, the option is available only for customized product.


Are my measurements saved after purchasing a garment?

Yes, when you provide your measurement during your first order, your information would be saved to your profile so that you do not need to provide the measurement information again. However, if for any reason you feel you added weight or lost weight, you can always update your measurement information or reach out to us to make the update.

Does the inserted measurement apply to all the products offered?


What if I am unsure about getting my measurements correct?

Fear not! For we are with you through this process. Our video tutorial is designed to guide you all through the steps and with the help of a friend or loved one, unfortunately not the dog; it should take 10-15 mins to get it done. If you are still unsure, you can reach us at
( we will put you through, our design specialists are here to help. If something is off or seems incorrect, we’ll reach out and ask you to re-measure.

Can I enter the measurements of an already made garment?

No. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship, every construction of the garment is uniquely tailored for you, so we prefer you to take measurements of your body for customized products. If you feel you need to add more information to your measurement, you can reach us at (


Is there a store I can visit?

Unfortunately, no. we are an online business for the time being.

Is there an option to purchase already made items?

We have some ready-made products as advertised on our website, but GIVMANN prides itself in making customized products. For customized products, all garments are made to measure. Every garment is made from scratch based on the measurements provided by you.

Is there an intermediate fit-test?

Unfortunately, no. All garments received will come as a finished product. If there be a need for changes you can contact us ( for instruction on alteration, or refer to our terms and condition page for more information.

How long does it take to receive my garments?

It takes 3 weeks from confirmation of the order, in some cases due to logistics reasons that are beyond our control, it can extend to 4-5 weeks.

Do GIVMANN offer gift cards?

Yes, you can purchase our gift cards online or request for them to be shipped to your address by selecting the amount needed. You can locate our gift card under the “Menu-Explore” option on our page. The GIVMANN gift cards are non-refundable and can’t be redeemed for cash.


How do I clean my garments?

Opposed to popular belief dry-cleaning does more harm than good to woolen garments. Our advice is your GIVMANN products should be done once or at most twice a year. Wool is a natural fiber which gets weakened if it’s excessively dry cleaned on a regular basis.

What are the solutions for maintaining my garments?

For Merino wool, you can maintain your garment by rotation: An example is having two or more Merino wool garments to alternate between days.

Another solution would be by cleaning hack: While taking a shower, you can hang your suit in the bathroom, and with the help of the steam, it removes unpleasant odor and creasing.

One more tactic will be post-wear: Whenever you can, brush your garment for 30-60 seconds with high-quality suit brush. When not in use, hang the garment on a (shaped cedar wooden) hanger. The wood will shape the shoulder structure, absorb the moisture from the fabric and keep away the moths.

One more solution, you can use our custom garment bag to store your tailored garment.

Linen suit: We advised that you dry clean linen suits only when necessary.

Cotton suit: Avoid machine wash for all cotton suits. Instead, use dry cleaning service for your cotton suits based on how many times you feel like dry cleaning. In case your clean suit is looking creased and wrinkled, we recommend having it steam-pressed, this is an idle solution
for cotton suits, which wrinkle more easily. it’s also much easier on the fabric than a full dry clean. You can also steam your cotton jacket and press your cotton trousers with a steamer if need be.

How about a care guide for shirts?

Yes, wash before and after wearing the shirt for the first time. This will help avoid premature yellowing of the fabric. Always use either a delicate cycle for softer fabrics or normal cycle for thicker weaves depending on the strength of your fabric. As with most fabrics, darker colors are best washed in cold water to preserve color, while whites and lighter fabrics can be washed in warm or hot water. Use a high-quality detergent free of chlorine, stay clear off bleach and chlorine as these products will most certainly change the color of the shirt. Finally, always air
dry your shirt, either hung-up or laid flat. Avoid tumble drying at all cost.

For Linen shirt: linen tends to shrink when doing laundry, it is important that it’s cleaned in only cold or warm water, with only a mild detergent, preferably without scent or dye. Avoid the use of bleach and fabric softener at all costs. As you would with any soft product, wash on a
gentle hand wash or delicate cycle with similar garments.


Do GIVMANN offer international shipping?

Yes. However, for all international shipment of customized products, please be aware that to avoid charging a shipping flat fee that can be higher than the actual shipping rate, we would reach out to you about shipping fees when your customized product is ready for shipment for the shipping rate to your address.

For customers living in countries where address verification is impossible, we would reach out to you at the time of delivery to arrange where your product would be delivered and offer guidance on the arrangement for collection. Usually, we would deliver your product to the nearest postal service, to be held, and give the postal service instructions about how you will come to collect the product.


By domestic, we mean “within” the US, shipping to a US address usually takes within 1-2 weeks. See other details about domestic shipping in our Terms and Conditions in paragraph 7.2 and 7.4.


This topic is well detailed in our Terms and Conditions in paragraph 7.


These topics are properly discussed in our “Terms and Conditions”. See paragraph 8 of the Terms and Conditions for discussions on “Returns”, and paragraph 15.8 for discussions on “Alterations”.

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